Trasfoco: And Life Goes On

The Grapes of Wrath

Viernes, 27/11 · 19:30 · El Almacén

Children of the Beehive

Viernes, 27/11 · 22:15 · El Almacén

Songs for After a War

Sábado, 28/11 · 18:30 · El Almacén

Black Rain

Sábado, 28/11 · 21:15 · El Almacén

Judgement At Nuremberg

Domingo, 29/11 · 18:30 · El Almacén


Lunes, 30/11 · 19:00 · El Almacén

The Answer

Lunes, 30/11 · 19:00 · El Almacén

Three Weeks After

Lunes, 30/11 · 21:15 · El Almacén

The Pageant

Viernes, 04/12 · 21:15 · El Almacén

Y la vida continĂşa

Saturday, 05/12 · 22:00 · El Almacén

For this tenth event, held in the middle of the worst health crisis affecting humankind in the last hundred years, we could say that the theme for the year’s Trasfoco section has chosen us and not the other way round. Dealing with what’s going on as a local and, at once, global issue was virtually forced upon us, profoundly conditioned by the health disaster and the social and financial crisis it brings with it, which intertwines the human communities of Lanzarote with the rest of the globe.

The title for this year, Y la vida continua (And Life Goes On), is borrowed from one of the most interesting and moving films made in recent decades by the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. In it, a father and son cross Iran in a small Renault 5 just a few days after the 1991 earthquake. The goal of the journey is to find some friends who may have been affected by it. On the road they meet people who have lost their loved ones, cross through devastated areas and rest in places already starting their reconstruction. But above all else, what they find are human groups trying to rebuild their lives and move on, with great effort, pain, rage and hope.

It was the spirit of that film that encouraged us to find many long features and a short film in which disasters of all kinds made an impact on people’s lives. How is life possible after a hurricane, a big financial downturn, a genocide or mass slaughter like Hiroshima? How do people manage to reorganise their everyday lives, move on and reinvent themselves? That is the core of the films in this year’s Trasfoco section, whose leitmotiv is precisely And Life Goes On…

It is neither a declaration of intent nor an exercise in voluntarism. Life always goes on, sometimes thanks to solidarity and mutual support, other times to the courage and endeavours of many, or of a few, and sometimes thanks to the State or to social collectives organised from bottom up. But there are also occasions—and we must never forget it—when communities are unable to defend and promote the goals they deem as just and fair. Then, disaster takes root and lingers in them as its sole legacy. This year, Trasfoco screens films exploring both paths: of hope and of resignation. Let us hope that they help us to throw light, even if only partially, on our own crossroads.