Official Section

This section features six films competing for the Muestra’s various awards, plus another film screened outside the competition. Carefully selected throughout the year, the seven titles come from different parts of the world and have not yet been commercially screened in Spain.

This year, the films selected contain reflections on places like Syria, New York, Northern Ireland, Chile, Israel and Spain. Nearly all their directors will be in attendance to present and discuss the films.

Trasfoco: The Volcano

The main purpose of this new section, introduced in this eighth edition of the Muestra, is to expand its focus beyond cinema to issues of the utmost importance both for the island of Lanzarote and for other places in the world.

Every year Trasfoco will focus on one of those issues through the gaze of different filmmakers, historical moments and experiences. The goal is to rethink the idiosyncrasy of the island through other gazes and contexts, revealing Lanzarote’s translocal nature in its connection with various and unexpected places in the world.

In 2018, the Trasfoco section will address The Volcano, a key element in our geographical, historical, economic and cultural uniqueness.

We have selected ten emblematic films produced in countries as varied as France, Italy, Iceland, Japan or Guatemala, in which volcanoes play a central role. We will also carry out guided tours to the island’s volcanic areas, talks with experts and debates.

Cruce de caminos: Filmmakers from the Canaries

As always, the Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote is paying special attention to film production from the Canary Islands. With that purpose in mind, we have selected seven short films created by Canarian directors who will be in attendance to discuss their films with us.

On this occasion, the selected short films deal with issues addressing gender identity, the disquieting dimension of desire, the limits of care, popular traditions, subjectivity and violence as a driving force in history.

Destiladera: Domestic Celebrations

This eighth edition is also inaugurating Destiladera, a new section aimed at retrieving, projecting and analysing non-institutional images of the island of Lanzarote from a contemporary and critical perspective.

This section explores our cultural, historic and economic identity through images filmed over the span of more than one century by non-professional filmmakers and camera operators.

The object of this section is to collaborate with scholars, conservators, filmmakers and film lovers who believe that non-professional images also have a lot to say about key issues dealing with sociology, culture, history, politics and aesthetics.

The curator and programmer of the first edition of this section is the filmmaker from Tenerife Dailo Barco, director of the short film Archipielago fantasma (2017) and the long feature Las Postales de Roberto (2017), two works in which archive images play a key role.

In this first edition, Destiladera wishes to explore the ceremonial nature often associated with amateur filming. The works selected show birthday parties, parades, the public opening of a square… The kind of event that, as Dailo Barco explains, “brings everyday life to a halt and enters into the group of ‘things that deserve to be remembered’.”

Saturday, November 24
7:00 pm
El Almacén