Date: Thursday, 24/11/2022
Time: 19:00
Venue: Puerto Naos

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Fulfilling its mission to connect the most interesting cinema experiences with the context of the Canary Islands, the opening event for each year’s festival is held in a special setting related to the chosen theme. This idea was first introduced in 2018, when the theme for the festival was The Volcano and the venue chosen for the opening the Cueva de los Verdes, located in one of the world’s longest lava tubes. One of the many ways in which the Muestra materializes its philosophy of laying bridges between cutting-edge culture and people’s lives is to include natural and social spaces which are highly important in the history of Lanzarote.

In this year’s festival, dedicated to Fishing, many different places suggested themselves for hosting the opening event: the ports and harbours of several towns and villages, fishermen guilds, the island of La Graciosa… However, the most significant venue is probably the one eventually chosen: Puerto Naos. Located in Arrecife, Puerto Naos is a busy fishing port where, for over half a century, one can see countless boats of all different sizes getting ready to set out to sea. But in Puerto Naos (and from Puerto Naos) one can also see the famous salt flats, so important for preserving fish, and also some of preserve and canning companies like Rocar and Frigorsa; also the Ribera joinery and the Fishing School. Therefore, it is a unique place which preserves in layers much of the social, economic, industrial and human memory of our island. Here is where we want to begin this year, to pay tribute to the efforts, suffering and lives of all those many men and women who contributed to the development of Lanzarote’s economy.