Programme. Destiladera. Any Past Time

In collaboration with Memoria Digital de Lanzarote

In 2018 Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote introduced this section with a view to recovering, screening and analysing non-institutional films of the island of Lanzarote. The goal of the project is to explore our culture, our society, our history and our economy through images which were filmed by amateurs, tourists or families over many decades. Images stored away in closets and drawers that will be lost forever if they are not recovered and restored in time.

Following the incredible response to this section of the festival in 2018, the project will now be further expanded this year and extended beyond Arrecife into other towns in the island. The purpose of this “pilgrimage” is to show the people of the island a series of extraordinary old images. People both young and old, locals and tourists, film buffs or not, are all keenly interested in and attracted to these old films, especially because they capture ways of life in Lanzarote that are now consigned to the past.

Landscapes, fiestas, old means of transport, villages, countryside and animals are brought back to life from the past in order to show us what the island was like not so very long ago.

Once again, the festival has relied on the invaluable input of the filmmaker and sociologist Dailo Barco as the curator of this section. He continues to focus on making contact with agents in the local context and has also invited the visual artist Nicolás Laiz Placeres to investigate and recover several films from his own family. This process led him to also explore the archives of friends and filmmakers from the Agrupación Lanzaroteña de Cine Amateur, after which he made a selection which will be shown in a session which will tour under the title Any Past Time. With a view to encouraging the active participation of audiences, in each town and village where they will be shown, the public will be invited to talk about the images and to share their knowledge and experiences about the island, both in the hall where the films are screened as well as in the informal gathering with wine after the projection.


Friday, 22/11
Teatro Municipal de Tías, Tías

Monday, 25/11
Casa Benito Pérez Armas, Yaiza

Tuesday, 26/11
Bodeguita de la Casa Cerdeña, San Bartolomé

Wednesday, 27/11
Palacio Espinola – Museo del Timple, Teguise

Thursday, 28/11
Centro Sociocultural La Tegala, Haría

Friday, 29/11
Centro Cultural Mancha Blanca, Tinajo