Destiladera: Blown away by the wind

Organized by: Asociación Tenique Cultural


Free entry until full capacity

Dailo Barco
Elena Azzedín
Technical Production
Selu Herráiz

Centro Sociocultural La Vega, Arrecife, 27/11, 18:30
Teleclub de Femés, Yaiza, 28/11, 18:30
Centro Cívico de Playa Honda, 29/11, 18:30
Centro Sociocultural La Tegala, Haría, 30/11, 18:30
Centro Sociocultural Argana Baja, Arrecife, 1/12, 18:30
Casa-Museo del Timple, Teguise, 2/12, 18:30
Centro Cívico El Fondeadero, Tías, 3/12, 18:00

A new section was introduced in 2018 with the goal of seeking out, recovering and screening old films from the island in non-professional formats. With its sights fixed on the audiovisual history of the Canary Islands and with the conviction that these images are of invaluable anthropological and historical interest, we brought on board the sociologist and filmmaker Dailo Barco to curate the section. The basic idea from the very beginning was that each edition would present old audio-visual material from Lanzarote in Super-8, Video8, 16 mm and other amateur formats in which it was possible to rediscover an island that has now vanished.

For the opening edition of this section we collaborated with various members of ALCA (Agrupación Lanzaroteña de Cine Amateur), which led to a selection of materials called Domestic Celebrations. In 2019, Dailo Barco curated the section again, this time choosing fragments of films from the personal family collection of the local artist Nicolás Laiz Placeres. On that occasion, the personal memory inscribed in all the family images was transformed into collective memory when they were screened for the general public. The family home, their relationship with animals, their ways of life, cars and other vehicles or the shops they frequented were suddenly transformed in the eyes of the audience into the memory of a collective and shared experience. The past of one particular family became the memory of all families. The project was taken to various different towns and villages on the island with the purpose of bringing the recovered images closer to the people, especially older generations, in Haría, Tinajo, Teguise, Tías, Yaiza and San Bartolomé. In the dialogue following the screening people opened up and expressed their feelings and thoughts on the past and the profound changes Lanzarote has seen.

On the back of the resounding success of the first two editions, and with the profound conviction that the island has to work hard in order to safeguard the images of its past, in 2021 Asociación Tenique Cultural decided that Destiladera should not just be a section within the Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote, but that it should become an independent project in its own right. The main goal of this initiative is to work in different places in Spain, Europe, America or the coast of West Africa in order to locate, digitize and safeguard audio-visual materials in which a fundamental part of our past is recorded. Through this now freestanding project with its own ambitions, Tenique Cultural is collaborating with the festival to ensure that, during the same dates, the general public can once again enjoy films in which the island’s past is preserved.