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Workshop “Sound and landscape. Listening and sound recording”

The sound engineer Amanda Villavieja

General information

Dates: December 18, 19 and 20, 2020
Limited places
Free registration

Description of the workshop

Contemplating a place with an aesthetic intention is what turns it into a landscape. With this idea in mind, and guided by Amanda Villavieja, one of Spain’s most widely acclaimed film sound engineers, we will take a trip around the island of Lanzarote. Strolling, choosing a place and listening… During the walk we will gradually create a tension between what we see and what we listen to, shifting between the static and moving, analysing different points of listening. Discovering with and through sound. We will explore the connections between the different forms of sound we come across on the ground, reflecting on the soundscape, and also creating a kind of diary of the island’s aural memory.

During the walks we will learn about recording techniques and experiment with different kinds of microphones and recorders.

We will explore Lanzarote during the first two days, dedicating the third day to a critical listening of the recorded soundscapes, and then finish with a session open to the public featuring the various compositions created over the course of the workshop, all of which will be aural renditions of the island.

Responsable del curso

Amanda Villavieja is a sound engineer. She is dedicated to documentary and fiction cinema. Some of her works are La leyenda del tiempo, Los pasos dobles, El cuaderno de barro, Los condenados, La próxima piel y Entre dos aguas, by Isaki Lacuesta; Mimosas and O que arde, by Oliver Laxe; En construcción, Guest, En la ciudad de Sylvia and La academia de las musas, by José Luis Guerín; La virgen de agosto, by Jonás Trueba; Viaje al cuarto de una madre, by Celia Rico; El cielo gira and Mercado de futuros, by Mercedes Álvarez; El viaje de Marta and Seis días corrientes, by Neus Ballús; Tierra negra and El foso, by Ricardo Íscar; Nadar y Volar, by Carla Subirana; Penélope, by Eva Vila; Ich bin Enric Marco, by Santiago Fillol and Lucas Vermal; Love me not, by Luis Miñarro; Las letras de Jordi, by Maider Fernández Iriarte; Les Unwanted de Europa, by Fabrizio Ferraro; La estrella errante, by Alberto Gracia; Ver a una mujer, by Mònica Rovira; Miriam Miente, by Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada or Las niñas, by Pilar Palomero. He also teaches sound classes at the Pompeu Fabra University, at the IDEC Master in Creative Documentary, at the UAB Master in Creative Documentary, at ESCAC or at ECIB.