Lectures and debates

Organized by: Asociación Tenique Cultural

The wind. Science, art and history of moving air

Lecturer: José Miguel Viñas
Date: Wednesday, 17/11
Time: 19:00
Venue: Casa de la Cultura Agustín de la Hoz (Arrecife)
Language: Spanish
Limited plaecs

Wind is one of the main meteorological elements and its characteristics are used to describe the climate of a place. Since time immemorial, humans have tried to understand its nature and to harness its power to propel sailboats, to grind grain with windmills and, more recently, to transform wind energy into electricity. This lecture will explore it origins, its main characteristics and its behaviour, both on a planetary and a state level, and of course also in the Canary Islands and Lanzarote. The search for the causes of the trade winds during the Enlightenment provided a tremendous boost for the incipient science of Meteorology. The wind has also had an impact on the arts, with countless examples, like the Tower of the Winds in Athens as well as other well-known artworks we will be looking at during the lecture.

A free history of cinematic wind

Lecturer: Benjamin Thomas
Date: Thursday, 18/11
Time: 19:00
Venue: Casa de la Cultura Agustín de la Hoz (Arrecife)
Language: English, with simultaneous translation into Spanish
Limited places

Wind has blown throughout the history of cinema. From Le Repas de bébé, filmed by the Lumière brothers in 1895, until today, lots of films have welcomed the wind, with all its attendant movements, into their images. As we shall see over the course of the conference, it is more than just a mere coincidence or accident. Wind is, creatively and poetically speaking, a force that can enrich cinematic images but, even more, it can also tell us a lot about the very nature of the cinematographic image itself.

Lanzarote, at the wind’s mercy

Lecturer: Arminda Arteta
Fecha: Friday, 19/11
Time: 19:00
Venue: Casa de la Cultura Agustín de la Hoz (Arrecife)
Language: Español
Limited places

For centuries the men and women of Lanzarote have used their inventiveness to live with the constant presence of the wind, developing strategies to mitigate its devastating power, as exemplified in their unique crop-growing methods. In addition, they have been able to make the most of its energy to obtain their prized gofio or to pump seawater for their salt flats, thus adapting to the harsh conditions of living on an island at the mercy of the wind.

Roundtable: Winds of conflict for wind energy

Date: Friday, 3/12
Time: 18:00
Venue: Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo – Castillo de San José
Limited places

Cristina Rois, portavoz de la Plataforma por un Nuevo Modelo Energético
Josefa Sánchez Contreras, investigadora de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Luis Bolonio, Portavoz de Aliente (Alianza, Energía y Territorio)
Arnold Acosta, instalador y titulado en energías renovables