The Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote is back yet again with the same enthusiasm and energy and with the conviction that contemporary culture can and should play a key role in shaping our island’s society and economy. After ten years of continued efforts, during which it has grown and accrued regional and state recognition, we are now beginning our second decade with our sights set on raising international awareness.

Under the umbrella of Tenique Cultural, the not-for-profit association which organizes the event, the festival has always maintained its three founding goals: to bring to Lanzarote the best and most serious cultural content; to create a bond between contemporary culture and the natural and historical singularity of our island; and to help to present Lanzarote in the world as a place where high quality culture is produced.

As such, its founding endeavour is to generate local sociability through cultural and educational projects, while at once showcasing the island to the wider world as a setting conducive to reflection, debate and creativity. The joint ambition of Tenique Cultural and Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote is to contribute, together with other cultural projects that are ongoing throughout the year, to the arduous task of making sure that Lanzarote is and looks like a place where it is worthwhile to live and work, and a place where life is therefore interesting, fun and rewarding; a question which should be an overall priority both in political as well as environmental and economic terms.

With these goals in mind, over the next eleven days thirty-six films from such different countries as Iran, India, Canada, Mexico, USA, France and Argentina will be shown in various towns around the island; the vast majority will be presented by their respective directors. Likewise, organized to tie in with the festival is a series of walking tours in some of Lanzarote’s most singular settings like la lengua de jable; as well as workshops, courses and debates, and screenings for families.

Like in previous editions, this year the festival has chosen a specific theme which forms part of the island’s essence: “the Wind”, a meteorological phenomenon that has marked countless aspects of our lives (and of humankind), from architecture to farming, as well as leisure, geology, clothing and sailing. Twenty films from different geographical regions and from across the history of cinema in which the wind is a major actor in itself will be screened at Sala Buñuel in El Almacén. As always, the hope is that we will get to know ourselves a little bit better through the eyes of others or, in other words, to connect Lanzarote with the world and the world with Lanzarote through film and culture.

Javier Fuentes Feo
Artistic Director