Hikes on the island

«El Jable y el viento»: geodiversidad, biodiversidad y cultura de un ecosistema creado por el viento

Guide: Carmen Portella Ernest
Date: Saturday, 27/11
Time: 8:00 – 13:00
Dificulty: Medium
Language: Spanish
Limited places

El Jable is probably the landscape in Lanzarote most evidently shaped by the action of wind. Formed by the trade winds over the course of millions of years, it is the only area of the island that is not of volcanic origin. It contains landscapes of exceptional beauty and its incredible geodiversity has given rise to an extraordinary biodiversity.

The day starts with an audiovisual presentation of the natural features of El Jable and then continues with a hike which will introduce us to plants, birds and the people who work with El Jable, studying and protecting it.

«El viento y los molinos»: Descubriendo las tripas escondidas del molino lanzaroteño

Guide: Juan Agustín Padrón
Date: Sunday, 28/11
Time: 9;45 – 13:45
Difficulty: Low
Language: Spanish
Limited places

Why are there so many windmills in Lanzarote? Why can we find them absolutely everywhere on the island, in better or worse conditions? The answer is simple: because there is wind and there is agriculture.

This hike consists of a trip to three different kinds of windmill. We will visit mills in Guatiza, Teguise and Janubio. During the walk we will discover the various kinds of mills that existed in Lanzarote, their features, how they were built, and what they were used for. We will also be shown their internal workings, which almost nobody ever gets to see.

«Movidos por el Viento»: Itinerario y conversaciones en torno a los Juguetes de Viento

Guide: Estefanía Camejo
Date: Saturday, 4/12
Time: 9:00 – 14:00
Difficulty: Low
Language: Spanish
Limited places

This hike consists of a trip to the wind toys conceived by César Manrique. There will be three stops that will give us an insight into the origin, development and future of the artist’s last grand project for the island. We will start with an introduction in the Aula Magna in the former Parador de Arrecife (now the headquarters of UNED), which boasts a fresco by the artist dedicated to the wind. We will then continue in the workshops at the Cabildo de Lanzarote’s Parque Móvil, where we will meet and hear from people who worked alongside Manrique, and finally we will visit Fobos, the wind toy located in Tahiche.

Exhibition of Naval Modeling

Date: Sunday, 5/12
Place: Antiguo Parador Nacional de Arrecife
In collaboration with: Club Deportivo de Barquillos de Radio Control «El Ciclón»

Humans have always played with the wind, as borne out by the thousand-year-old history of kites with which children have had fun with ever since they were first invented in China back in 1200 BC. Another age-old toy is the sailboat made with bits of wood, wire and cloth with which future sailors started to learn the workings of the wind. Today, El Ciclón is a wonderful radio-controlled model boat club in Lanzarote, made up of dozens of adults who meet up regularly to play with the wind like children. A unique opportunity to discover this hobby and set sail in little handmade yachts.