Trasfoco: The wind

Le Tempestaire

Thursday, 25/11 · 19:00 · El Almacén

El último molino

Thursday, 25/11 · 19:00 · El Almacén

Si no hubiera viento

Thursday, 25/11 · 19:00 · El Almacén

The Miller and the Sweep

Thursday, 25/11 · 21:00 · El Almacén

Steamboat Bill Jr.

Thursday, 25/11 · 21:00 · El Almacén

The Wind. A Documentary Thriller

Friday, 26/11 · 19:00 · El Almacén

Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind

Friday, 26/11 · 21:00 · El Almacén

Bitter Wind

Saturday, 27/11 · 19:00 · El Almacén

Le vent des amoureux

Saturday, 27/11 · 19:00 · El Almacén

The Wind

Saturday, 27/11 · 21:00 · El Almacén

Chris Welsby: works on wind

Sunday, 28/11 · 18:30 · El Almacén

Pour le Mistral

Sunday, 28/11 · 21:00 · El Almacén


Sunday, 28/11 · 21:00 · El Almacén

Con el viento

Monday, 29/11 · 21:00 · El Almacén

Gente de mar y viento

Friday, 3/12 · 21:30 · El Almacén

Winged Migration

Saturday, 4/12 · 20:30 · To be confirmed

In 2018, the Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote introduced this section, dedicated to presenting films from the history of cinema in which a theme associated with the island plays a prominent role. The concept for this original section was to make a connection between current filmmaking and the unique idiosyncrasy of the island, with the purpose of giving Lanzarote and its inhabitants a better understanding of its specific character, through the gaze which numerous directors have cast over their own personal contexts.

In 2018, the first year of Trasfoco, the chosen theme was the Volcano, a fundamental element in the geology and nature of our island. In 2019, the theme was Salt, seen through eleven films shot on different continents, making it a memorable edition which revised our relationship with a mineral that was essential for the island’s economy: reminding us that Lanzarote was once full of salt mines. In 2020, the year of the pandemic, the section was dedicated, as could not be otherwise, to overcoming crises. Through several emblematic films from the history of cinema, we presented different ways in which human communities overcome and rebuild themselves after natural and historical catastrophes. As such: three years in which the chosen themes allowed us to focus precisely on the singularities of Lanzarote, without ever losing sight of the fact that those characteristics are always connected in one way or another with different places around the world.

In 2021, the chosen theme again draws from an element from the historical and natural singularity of our island: Wind. This atmospheric phenomenon has not only defined different cultural aspects of Lanzarote, but it has also marked, with its sculptural abilities, a large part of the island’s landscapes and sediments. The wind is an unquestionable part of our identity, something that one can see both in the farming landscape (full of pits) as well as in sailing, leisure and sports. It suffices to take a look around the island to see the number of windmills, on the coast and inland, which over the years were used to pump water or to mill grain to make gofio. In the same way, in many roundabouts one can see the famous wind toys by César Manrique, the artist who best knew how to pinpoint and underscore the island’s natural features.

Over twenty films from countries like Canada, Iran, Austria, Mexico, France, USA and Spain open a window onto the diverse and heterogeneous representation of the wind throughout the history of cinema. And, like previous years, we have also organized walking tours to unique places as well as debates on the wind, exploring its history and its uses as a source of energy, not removed from new controversies.