Hikes on the Volcano

In collaboration with Geoparque Lanzarote

Caldera Blanca

Guide: Cayetano Guillén Martín
Date: Sunday, 25/11/2018
Starting time: 9:00
Difficulty: Medium
Duration: Max. 4 hours
Language: Spanish

The geographer Cayetano Guillén Martín, an MA in Geographic Information Technology and Landscape-oriented Territorial Planning from the University of La Laguna, will guide us along the Caldera Blanca path, the best possible route to discover and learn about the lava-shaped landscape resulting from the
eruptions of Timanfaya between 1730 and 1736. It is an easy trek within the Timanfaya National Park, included in the Canaries Network of Protected Natural Spaces. The path crosses through the sea of lava created by the eruptions, giving us access to unique environments which speak to the diversity of materials and shapes associated with the lava from Timanfaya.


Guide: José de León
Date: Wednesday, 28/11/2018
Starting time: 10:00
Difficulty: Medium
Duration: Max 3 hours and a half
Language: Spanish

José de León, with a BA in History from the University of Las Palmas and a PhD thesis on “The reconstruction of the territory and the hamlets buried by eighteenth-century eruptions in the island of Lanzarote”, is one of the world’s leading experts in eruptions in the area of Timanfaya. An Inspector of Historical Heritage for the Gran Canaria Cabildo since 1992, he will guide us through an area that will allow us to see and interpret the former location of the hamlets of Chimanfaya, Santa Catalina, Rodeo, Mancha Blanca, Iguadén, Chupadero and Tíngaya. We will also see the first crater that erupted, as well as the last two. We will pass through agricultural and cattle-raising areas and see three shrines along the way

La Corona

Guide: Carmen Romero Ruiz
Date: Saturday, 1/12/2018
Starting time: 10:00
Difficulty: Medium
Duration: Max 4 hours
Language: Spanish

Carmen Romero Ruiz, with a BA in Geography and History and a PhD in Geography from the University of La Laguna, is an expert in volcanic geomorphology. Her area of research is focused on aspects associated with volcanic activity in the Canary Islands. Romero Ruiz has penned several books, three of which are dedicated exclusively to Lanzarote. She will guide us along the slopes and north side of the La Corona volcano. We will later take a complete circle of the crater, from where we can enjoy superb views over the north of Lanzarote and the Chinijo archipelago. The route will finish with a walk to Risco de Famara, the cliff top from where lava cascaded down towards Salinas del Río.