The Muestra

Organized by an independent cultural association –Asociación Tenique Cultural–, la Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote is a cultural project that takes place at the end of each year in different municipalities of the island. Started in 2011, and under the direction of two renowned professionals in the world of cinema – Javier Tolentino and Víctor Moreno – it has established itself as a reference point in national and international independent cinema. In 2018, the Muestra began a new chapter with Javier Fuentes Feo as director.

During their first eight years of existence, internationally awarded filmmakers have participated in the Muestra. Víctor Erice, Basilio Martín Patino, Rita Azevedo, Federica di Giacomo, Oliver Laxe, Nelson Carlo de los Santos, Thomas Mauch, Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein, Yolande Zauberman, Donal Foreman, Johann Lurf, Khristine Gillard and many others, presented their films here, taught courses and held interesting debates about contemporary cinema.

During the eighth edition, in addition to the traditional Official and ‘Cruce de Caminos: Canarian filmmakers’ sections it also launched two new sections: ‘Trasfoco’ and ‘Destiladera’. In addition, the Muestra, like other years went beyond the projection room connecting the cinema with its immediate context through walks and excursions around the island, educational experiences for young people and workshops for children.

Javier Fuentes Feo
Art Direction and Production

Alberto Bódalo Valcárcel
General Coordination

Juan Rafael Martínez Curbelo
Institutional Liaison

Marco Arrocha Pérez
Programme Coordination

Mari Fe Sánchez Ros

María Corujo Arrocha
Giuliana Grippo
Antonio Hidalgo
Marina Siero
General production

Jara Vicente Aracena

Jurgis Griškevičius
Graphic design

Omaira Díaz
Video editing

Héctor Muñoz García
Social networks

María Jato
Arnoldas Stramskas
Production team

Nayra Sanz Fuentes
Didactic programme

Samuel Espinosa
Sessions for families

Rafael Ramírez
Nahum Cabrera

Bruto Estudio
Photographic documentation

Liken Films
Audiovisual documentation

Lambe & Nieto
Translations into English